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We aim to give everyone a personal place on the Internet so that people can easily centralize their online presence.

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Your digital business card is here

Share with the world where you can be found online. Embed content from other websites and see what attracts people.

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Fund your dreams, open a Shop or enable Tips

You can start accepting payments in under 5 minutes by purchasing HEYHEY Pro. We take a tiny cut from the money you earn to cover the processing fees. The rest is yours, as it should be.

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Understand how your visitors act, see advanced Analytics

To grow your brand, you need to be able to plan. To be able to plan, you need data. Luckily, we collect lots of it (in a privacy-preserving manner!) to make making decisions easy.

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Even more amazing features, for just $4.99

Becoming a Pro member also unlocks: Custom Backgrounds, Premium Themes, and early access to new stuff. We have some very exciting updates on the way!